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Have the python learnt from sololearn is sufficient for programming?

Please Help me. I want to know if the language we are learning from sololearn are completed for programming or we have to learn more from other sources.

5/10/2017 11:44:28 AM

Ajay singh

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It's sufficient just enough to make a calculator and a simple game. You have to learn something advanced...


The courses in Sololearn help you to learn the most important basic stuff of the programming languages. To become a professional programmer, you will need to go on with other sources. I would recommend you to repeat the Sololearn courses more than once again, start to help others in the discussion sections, play around with the languages in the playground or whereever you like to code and start competing with others in challenges. Furthermore, you should consult more and more other sources (websites, books, advanced courses, workshops, ...), sharpen your skills with real life problems, join further communities and connect with other programmers to help each other. So, yes, Sololearn is sufficient for learning programming, but only as a starting point and you need to go on!


You just learned the basic instrument, witch are good for some little application. Python has a lot of libraryes to learn, each for something specific. Like kivy for graphic...


No, its for learning the basics and the syntax. Not for making fully functional and complex programs.