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How do I install solo learn on my laptop

5/7/2017 12:36:17 PM


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web version's boring, u can't even challenge. Stick to the app it's way better


You should install bluestack android emulator and then install app using apk package or just download it from google play store available in bluestack but later will take more time


there is no magic-methods to doing this ;P other than a emulator


Emulate Android on your laptop and install Sololearn.


no you can't you only can run the web version of sololearn in your laptop


You dont. Just go to and you can do everything on your web page


you can use an emulator to run solo learn app on your laptop and computer.


thanks guys...really appreciate it


I know so many issues and bad things on the computer. You only can use it on the browser. And not all the features are working there. Things like chatting with others. I hope that there will be an app on the PC too. But otherwise you can use an android emulator like blue stacks to use the app. I think that it would be better to use the phone instead of blue stacks. It's way better than that.


You can install blue stakes or some android virtualization


You can, but you need use an emulator


Well it's not really installing the phone app on a desktop environment, but I have been using the Samsung Dex to use my phone apps on my PC. And it only works with Android phones, unfortunately! But it has been a life changer for me!


Try using Bluestack installer