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Visual Studio Code

do you think this texteditor is good? can you give me some reason? maybe the others will check and try it for getting started with visual studio code, thanks before

5/5/2017 2:24:54 AM

Agung Ramadhan Putra

6 Answers

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VS code is very powerful and very robust. I have seen people edit php on it, and i was amazed


Visual studio code is not an IDE, it is a text editor like sublime text. but I think VScode is better than Sublime text. My personal choice is VScode, I use it daily.



Visual Studio Code code is an amazing text editor cum IDE. You can use it to write HTML, CSS, JS, Python, Java, etc....... Just you have to download an extension for some non supported languages but the vs code community and users (that means even you can) make and contribute. You have lots of choices 1. You can change theme 2. Change font 3. Get boiler plates ( This are very less features) This is a life changing editor by Microsoft. It's features can't be stated in few words and if write a long note then I am sure 90% of them won't read. And thanks that you read till here. If you like it please upvote. Krish ☺☺


If you want to use VS Code for front end development. Here is step by step guide :