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Xamarin GUI/formatting basics??

I'm already reading Petzold's 1100 page behemoth on xamarin.forms, it's good but pretty dense and skims over a lot stuff, toolbar was done pretty well but tabs not so much. I'm also going thru the examples on xamarin university which are a little easier to digest, since you can download the solution without cut n paste But because of the reliance on xml everything is coded into its location not dragged and dropped. I'm just overwhemled, kind of lost . I need a better toolbox before I know where to start

5/4/2017 6:14:50 PM


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its so difficult. I'm kind of in denial. but hey if a lot of people get discouraged, I'll just take their jobs? so are you saying android studio, or just go with c++? someone suggested I could just make my app in html. I suppose I could also go to the mall in a thong, but this isn't about putting me up to things against my will. c# is my first language. so let's just do what's right for the script


xamarin seems to be a headache


Developing android apps with html is a good idea and quite essential for the future of Mobile app developer, because htm runs everywhere. It means you can develop most part of your app and then do the rest of it with appropriate language according to your target operation system. From my experience : If you want become android devloper, the best way is java + android studio. Another way is using c# + xamarin . The last good way is using html. ( notice : The first and the last ways mentioned above are tied together. )