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A Beginner Noob here. Advices?

Hello fellow geeks *pun intended ;D *. First and foremost, I'll be a college Sophomore the coming Fall and will start my Computer Information Systems (CIS) Major then. I just changed from a Chemistry Major recently. Anyways, I have no coding/programming experience whatsoever, so any advise and tips for a beginner here would be much appreciated. What should I start with?

5/4/2017 6:12:18 PM


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you can start with learning algorithms and pseudocode


you should start with Html as a beginner the css then js or any oop based language. the tip is never quit and spent some time on programming random stuff.


Thank you Agus (and all of you) for your help. I just started HTML today. Started from tutorial to mid-way now. It'll take a while before I become familiarized very well but slowly, I'm adapting to it and I'm starting to like it more :)