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Project collaboration #1

Let's open something more useful! Write in commenst project(s) that you are currently working on. Give links to them. And everyone who will be interested - will have a chance to be part of something great. They will have an ability to help you with thing that you will not be able to do alone. Be active! Help people! And make our world better...

5/4/2017 7:05:37 PM


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@Thanh, checking out your projects! Do you need any help with them? Or with any other projects?


@Thanh Le, checking one of your projects. Wrote ideas in github issues. But code itself is pretty well written. You have good styling and naming. Patterns are consistant and right for your project. But you have 1(at least) thing to improve: Code repetitions


My project: Name: Sololearn Lessons Description: It will be a serie of programs that points to each other. Every one of those programs will be called a lesson. Each lesson will have a theme. The layout will be the Sololearn Playground layout. To exaplain one theme it will be used the JavaScript typing technic, that imitates a person typing in the code playground layout. The first lesson should be simpler, so I wanted it them to be "Hello, World". It should explain how to create the hello program in Python, Ruby, Java, C++ and C# because their layout is the same. There will have a popup made in HTML and CSS to introduce each Programming language. [Part 1 of 2]


Project Divisions: - Intro: introduces each lesson. Will be made in SVG line animated. Will cover all the screen available. In first lesson it will draw: Lesson 1 Hello, World! it will stop for few seconds then fade out. The playground layout will fade in and the typing begins. - Text: I already decided what will be the text for the lesson but all help if welcome. - HTML: this will be the structure of the page to create the playground layout. - CSS: this will imitate the playground layout, including colors, theme, ... - JavaScript: This is the more challenging part. It should be designed so that you just have to enter the TEXT. There are parts that will imitate typing effect, others not(like popup in lesson 1). It will use JQuery to facilitate. To be able to do that I was thinking in inserting some control caracters in specific places in the text, and then use a switch like this: switch(ch){ case '\x00': // make a pause case '\x01': // target for print has id = 'source' case '\x02': // target for print has id ='output' .... I've been implementing it in my computer but, very slowly. The part that I find more challenging is to make it work in devices of varying display sizes. I will post what I already have in the codeplayground with the name lesson 1. [Part 2 of 2]


@Luka, that is very cool! Do you have any links? I want to help =)


These are my current JAVA projects: This is a grocery cost list: By typing in certain items you want to buy, e.g. fish, egg, etc., the program calculates how much you have to pay for the items in total: This is a game called "Acey Ducey": The dealer shows you two cards. You decide whether you want the dealer to pick a third card or not. If the third card is between the two cards, then you win. Otherwise you lose


@Peter David Carter, I think I might help you. Maybe we will make some modern, practical tutorial series. How can I get in touch(my english :s) with you?


the lesson 1 of my project is ready:


I'm actually interested if someone could ​review my code and give feedback what to improve on


@Luka, I like your ideas.



good initiative


Anyone working on cool responsive websites!!


@thanh le one suggestion. make a Deck class. and it can have a method nextCard () and that way you can just get rid of the Dealer class