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how facebook is work?

which coding is used for facebook in 2004?how Web messanger app is create?

6/11/2016 7:49:12 AM

Dhiraj sharma

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you can actually view facebooks page source and inspect elements when right clicking on their page, inspecting the element and changing the code will appear changed on your screen however wont be a permenant change To accomplish this style site you will need to know and use Html, css, javascript or jquery, php, mysql, java, c++, their are many others that can be used as well or instead of im not sure which languages they used specifically in 2004 however


Facebook working is basically based on various server side languages.. recently Hack was launched by Facebook work with hiphop virtual machine...


I think itz php


yes it's php initially...and still also continued.. but with advanced features


Yes . right. php is open source . so change php. to use in their needs .


thanks matthew nelson for your suggestions.