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What were your funniest mistakes or error messages you typed into your code?

I once wrote a code that led to an endless loop that printed: Ho ho ho ho ho ho ... (It was by mistake of course) Share your stories! :D

5/3/2017 8:16:55 AM


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I programmed an arcade game in JavaScript and everytime I fired a laser from the space ship, the game ended and I couldn't figure out why. After two weeks of frustration, I figured out that the spawn point of the bullet was touching the ship at the front, so whenever I shot it just dealt damage to myself and killed me.


Using cmd to turn off others computers, I turned my own off. 😢😢😢


Program wouldn't read from text file. After 30 minutes of debugging -> full file name had extra extension. It was "text.txt.txt" instead of "text.txt" but the OS didn't show anything. I was demotivated to do anything for the rest of the day.


My Fibonacci series started with -ve numbers and never ended...😉 P.S. And the funniest thing was that I got more than 5 likes on it :P


nothing funnier than a forgotten semicolon😂


I was making planes in unity 3D, and i made propeller rotating aroud Y axis instead of X 😂


Trying to make a random infinite paragrahp in JavaScript and all it said was looped "What?! Why?! What?! What?! Why?!"


System.out.println(); and system.out.println(); Just the difference of one letter(ASCII 32), causes a error.


Since it happened to me just now, I'll share this story: I was typing notes about UML packages diagrams and out of habit put an semicolon after a sentence, then I laughed (You know you're a programmer, if you put semicolons everywhere just not in your code 😂)


One time I was debugging something and I accidentally made it print "food" (I was hungry) except for "good".


I was helping a friend with his book store website and he wanted to put the original title of a book in Hebrew, I forgot to set the direction of that element to "right-to-left" (dir = "rtl") so we couldn't read it properly as it was reversed 😅


I once made a code for a quatridic formule but I never got the right answers becuase I used integers while I needed to use floats


from __future__ import braces ... My mistakes are not funny to me. I make logical errors, but have yet to get an error like that.


My funniest mistake is I used to put semi colon just before the body of for loop and I wonder how many times I have repeated this same mistake.


Linking JS file to HTML. After 20 mins of debugging I realised I have used the wrong name of the file... I was so angry, but it motivated me to do more, unlike @Hatsy 😂😂


Semicolons are the most annoying things in the world! Once I started to make a project at 4:00 in the morning;I Completed the project that was about 60 lines But when I compiled it I got Lots of errors. Guss what was the mistake? I hadn't used any semicolons !!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄


Copied python code from stack and then the indentation errors came flowing like a waterfall... Forced to understand every line of it.


since I work as a CSA, I keep on typing customer instead of custom


I did once a few years ago.I knew 3 languages by then.I was writing a program and was writing java print statements in c program and tearing my hair out on why it wasnt running.


forgetting 500+ semi colons... not a good day