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Please try to follow these new content moderations...

1: Please dont post questions you know the answer and mark your own answer as best. 2: Please dont post questions that is not question (Although you can, post something programming related) 3: Please dont post a thread asking for likes 4: Please dont post questions that you know you can search on Google. 5: Please dont post threads asking where you live, theres alot. 6: Please dont post your homeworks. 7: Dont try to trick people doing codes that does your homework

5/2/2017 10:21:59 AM


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8: Dont try to copy other moderations, and post them to get upvotes, if you have a good idea about a moderation rule, try to make it original. 9: Dont ask which language is better. Nothing is better, all have their own pro and cons, If you asked what preffered language or more popular that is more acceptable 10: (New) Please do not downvote people who speaks on a different language. But if it is spam or doesnt have anything to do with programming. Report it (THIS IS MARKED AS BEST BECAUSE IT CHAINS TO THE MAIN THREAD)


Good one :) You missed "Please don't post your homework problems without showing your effort". Like "Write a program which will take two integer inputs and do bla bla bla with them" 😐


#4 if we can google nearly everything then what should we ask here?


Good more point to be added: 5. Don't try to post a question asking for which country/state/city do you belong to. A search helps ;)


That is surely true if you're having real ambitions with coding!


@Shamima Yasmin Thanks =), But damn I'm reaching maximum characters for the thread, but you know? Logical thinking fixes it


@imabadkidz Totally plus each time someone joins SoloLearn they should read each rule, it should be bite sized so no one skips it


Alright I'll make a comment chaining from the thread to a comment and mark it as best so everybody can see it.


Alright adding @Dayve thanks :D


@imabadkidz Where?


@Illusive Man There are some questions that Google can answer, but what were trying to find isn't there, like for example: How can we create a Input Box in JavaScript Designed? Google can't answer it directly, but some people can


@Anushka Sahu Thanks :D @Puneet Dixit You have the point =) @Acke Strömberg Yeah :D


yah! what will be the meaning if someone post the question which answer he already know. if this is only for publicity then it is very bad because someone can get famous in this community only but it real there will be nothing to show it to others because you have nothing to share with others.


yeah.... good point