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An IDE for all

Hi! Is there an unique IDE (for pc) suitable for all languages teached in SoloLearn? I would like to have less possible IDEs in my pc, so i can save more disk space. Thanks in advance and sorry for my english ;)

5/2/2017 8:20:56 AM

Matteo Ferrantino

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Netbeans complete edition: Choose the option "All" ;) UPDATE: Visual Studio Code is the best choice. Mainly because it supports most of the popular languages today, and has many free extensions. Those extensions can help you run and even debug your codes in the editor itself!


Some options: Netbeans, heavy Eclipse, heavy VisualStudio(windows only), heavy SublimeText (it is amazing) tons of plugins, very small but have superpowers Notepad++, small Those are "simple" text editors, but with some plugins you can do really cool things with: Gedit, small with some powers Vim, very small with superpowers Vi, very small with superpowers, actually is Vin's father Well I have a big list of IDEs and text editors what I used in 10 years of web development, but those *except VS, are the bests for my experiences. =) P.S. I am minimalist, and I like open source free solutions, so I use Gedit every day


Notepad++ But you have to have the environments implemented separately.


Tbh, first download the latest compiler.. I use MinGW from Visual Studio (but not Visual Studio itself), and compile my programs using the CMD and Notepad++. In my honest opinion... Visual Studio isn't worth it unless you're going to buy the Development Edition for $2000+/yr. Visual Studio can be really laggy and slow. If you choose not to go with Notepad++ (my fav)... then I guess go for Visual Studio CODE edition.. not community edition.. not enterprise... just VS Code... and update all directories within MinGW etc. Be sure to update the extensions as well.. since you want many languages.


NetBeans ide


@andrew grider ide stands for integrated development environment


Maybe consider Visual Studio Code. As far as I know it supports almost every programming language. It is lightweight and it has IntelliSense.


I prefer to have a different IDE for each development environment. I would suggest to take a look at the Jet Brain's suite of IDEs.


visual studio code or atom do most of everything after adding some snippets and features with a built in function.. EDIT: ohw, notepad ++ is also very good, with some tweaking also ofcourse..


Eclipse 🐈


Have you considered Microsoft Visual Studio? The community edition is free and it supports Web application design, python and C/C++ amongst others. I'm guessing from your name that you are Italian, my apologies if I'm wrong, so you can be sure that Visual Studio will support your native language Windows distribution. NetBeans IDE 8.1 is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. "Flame Wars" have been known to start over what is the best IDE/Editor/OS; they are all a matter of personal preference and taste. When I first started using computers I had to make do with "edlin" (look it up). Most modern coders would rather pluck their own eyes out than use that! By the way, your English is better then half the men I work with and I live in England ;-)


Jip i will try netbean @dayve


Atom and Sublime Text have tons of plugins and tools... they're good editors to start to code!


Use Atom by GitHub. It is my favorite IDE. This is because it has a plug-in for almost everything. Plugins are distributed from a convenient store integrated in Atom. It also is not over bloated with a ton of UNNECESSARY and INTRUSIVE "features", thus reducing development time and pain. However, note that after installing the IDE, you will need to install the language compiler/interpreter itself. ATOM FTW!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€


I am using the below mentioned IDEs and editors vim/nano- Shell script Sublime Text- For Angular and other web related stuffs Microsoft VS Code editor- Typescript and Angular 2 (but I prefer sublime text more) Eclipse- Java related stuffs


Netbeans is fit for most, I code in it


sublime is my favourite


Notepad or NetBeans


For me it is Netbeans at the moment. it supports many languages, is good to test the program and has a nice auto complete!


vim!!! :-). For web & java see IDEA, for c# VisualStudio 2017. And so... Vim!