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Why the programmer always innovative and patient? They play like "Codeplayground".

Involvement in programming.

1st May 2017, 4:45 AM
Shivanand Nagarabetta
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3 Answers
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because you need both to solve the problem.
1st May 2017, 5:02 AM
Agus Mei
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cause if you didnt have these attributes you wouldnt be a good developer. Take some realistic games for example. They YEARS and i mean YEEARS to make that proves that the developers of that game are patient and innovative. If they rushed that game and released it it would end out Bad. Graphics is Bad. Story is Bad. Everything is bad. Thats why developers need innovation and patience
1st May 2017, 5:25 AM
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Dedication is the tool to accomplish the innovation.
2nd May 2017, 6:40 AM
Shivanand Nagarabetta
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