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Old app ability to practice

did the old version let you practice in the app? or am I losing my mind?

4/29/2017 11:28:48 PM

Mark Reisch (dflipb)

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The "code playground" seems to be the place you search.... In the "unified" app', you can go to it by selecting the "{ }" tabs icons ( in main view, or in profile view ), and from the courses by clicking on "try it yourself" buttons, but I don't know in the "one course" apps if it is/was available ^^ I don't even know more how this is handled in the iOS app ( using android :P ) You can also access it in the sololearn website: https://code.sololearn.com/ Default new document opened is web -- tab html of html/css/js -- but you have to append anchor to the url to choose another one: #html, #css, #js ( for directly go to the specified tab in a web project ), #py ( for python project), and so on ( usually the extention of the file you would save locally )... Saving code require obviously to log in...


Are you sure "they took away the try it button"? ( I don't know: I'm not returned to courses since I finished JQuery one when they publish this last course :P ) Or it is just supposed to be displayed on slides with example code, maybe not all? ( verification done: the 'try it button' is still there, under code snippets, but not on every slides, maybe not every courses ^^ )


Old version of what? Old version of sololearn app' or old version of Python? Anyway, sololearn code playground support only Python3... but updating relatively short script from P2 to P3 isn't hard at all :P https://docs.python.org/3/howto/pyporting.html


I don't had use the "try it" button, but I supposed it open a pre-filled code playground with the example code snippet, so you can try to modify it in any way... You can save your attempt, and reload them later in code playground, set them public if you want to share them... However, if you're asking for what you could experiement in code playground in a more general way: whatever you want (with few limitations due to the distant handling /emulating of compilers/interpreters ) and can imagine ^^ If you need inspiration, you could search in Q&A, there's regularly such kind of ask/answer and/or seeking the internet ;)


the old sololearn app. I could swear it had an area that you could practice? before taking the test


yeah, the try it yourself area is what I'm missing. so in my last class, they didn't have any try it your self areas. so are we just supposed to try it in the code playground?


I'm just really wondering why they took away the try it button. the code playground seems like an extra step and a little overkill.


I'm doing python and in the old app you could try it right after reading about it. but not in this new app sadly. now we have to go to the play area. it is just really lame and not nearly as helpful.


ha! they must have heard me bitching because they brought it back!!