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Maybe some of SQL questions for new quizzes in Solo Learn 1. What does SQL stand for? Strong Question Language Structured Question Language Structured Query Language 2. Which SQL statement is used to extract data from a database? EXTRACT GET OPEN SELECT 3. Which SQL statement is used to update data in a database? MODIFY UPDATE SAVE AS SAVE 4. Which SQL statement is used to delete data from a database? COLLAPSE REMOVE DELETE 5. The SQL BETWEEN operat

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πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰like this☺ ????? //πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰true & false type 1) sql statement given below is an example of DDL command Alter table emp add empid varchar (16) after empno; //true 2)primary key contraint on a field restrict null values for that field //true 3)unique constraint on a field does not restricts null value for that field //true 4) degree refers to number of tuples in a table //false 5)foreign key is a non-key attribute //true 6)any arithmetic expression containing a null,always returns null as output //true 7) join using which identical columns from both the tables is shown once in the result //natural join //πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰fill in the blanks type(blanks u can assign) 1)display records of employee(name,dat_of_retirement) from emp table who are retired //select name,dat_of_retirement from emp where dat_of_retirement is not null; 2)_______ is pool of valid values from which columns derives their values //domain 3)display all records of table school where class is not 12 //select * from school where class <> 12; 4)display names of students of class 12 , section a2 from school table where name has character "r" at forth position //select name from school where class=12 && section ="a2" && name like "_ _ _ r%"; 5)increase price of fruits by 20% in fruits table where fruit_name is apple,papaya //update fruits set price=1.2*price where fruit_name in ("apple","papaya"); 6)to display total number of students of 12 got selected in an exam from table exam_winners //select count (*) from exam_winners where class=12; 7)display names of employee with same department from emp table //select count (*),department from emp group by department; //πŸ‘‰πŸ‘‰ 1 word answer type 1)department table have 2 columns,5 rows and emp table have 3 rows ,4 columns . how many rows and columns will be produced in output if we take cartesian product of these two tables //15 rows and 6 columns //U can make possible correction in it , will good one when my exams will be over after some days ☺


I think SQL quizzes will eventually be opened for submission. :>


Glad to see no math on Quizz. Hope Sql coming soon.


But it's hard to get even a 100 quizzes if current rules for declining quizzes (similar questions, out of scope etc,.) are considered.


can i also give my questions on SQL ? sir ... //waiting ...


Maybe while SoloLearn implement it , we could posting here some other quizzes: * In a LIKE clause, how do you get all the names of people starting with "John"? -LIKE "John%" -LIKE "John*" -LIKE "John$" -LIKE "John&" * If you have that table CREATE TABLE cities ( id INTEGER NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL ); check right queries: - INSERT INTO cities(id, name) values(1, 'Los Angeles'); - ADD INTO cities(id, name) values(1, 'Los Angeles'); - ADD INTO cities(name, id) values('Los Angeles',1); - INSERT INTO cities(name, id) values('Los Angeles',1);


I hope it will be soon @Hatsy Rei ;)


Will wait for SQL. (Nikolay revises SQL concepts to prepare πŸ˜‚)


Krishna I think we can do it, all together ;)


Great idea. l like a lot SQL. I wait...


@Daniel great quizzes apart from quiz factory


Thanks. We will be waitting for soon updates in SL


Yes I'm definitely in favor of SQL for challenges. Great idea Daniel! Knowing the languages and how databases work is very important for any full stack developer.


1.Structured Query Language 2.SELECT 3.UPDATE 4.DELETE 5.Specifies a range to test


Yes of course ;-)


wow ! gr8 πŸ‘


1.Structured Query Language 2.SELECT 3.UPDATE 4.DELETE 5.Specifies a range to test


@Daniel Structured Query Language EXTRACT UPDATE DELETE Specifies a range to test




Zoo You manage a zoo. Each animal in the zoo comes from a different country. Here are the tables you have: AnimalscontentImageCountriescontentImage1) A new animal has come in, with the following details: name - "Slim", type - "Giraffe", country_id - 1 Add him to the Animals table. 2) You want to make a complete list of the animals for the zoo’s visitors. Write a query to output a new table with each animal's name, type and country fields, sorted by countries