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Why many programmers are anime fan?

I saw that, many Sololearners using anime as a profile picture. I wonder why :/ . Do anime characters​ inspired them to become a programmer?

4/27/2017 3:58:11 PM

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Programmers are mostly younger around here.. and around everyehere too. Maybe that's why :D I'm personally a fan of many by the way


My recommendations ^_^ : Re:Zero,Tokyo Ghoul,SAO,Fairy Tail,Death Note,Akame ga Kill...


@Wesley That's regretful. Try seeing things from both sides though. I've met great, healthy people who are anime enthusiasts, and also those who are scum, all from the same community. Anime doesn't decide how a person turns out to be - The person himself decides it.


I don't think it matters, I am almost 30 and still watch anime...does that mean I am weird? 😆


In a community filled with coders, it's definitely going to be more common to find certain genres of interests such as science, technology, sci-fi, Eastern/Western animation/comics, etcetera because it comes with the windowed mentality here, haha. That's why I enjoy interacting with people here. I'd be more surprised to see a surge of western sports, alcohol, and drug related profile pictures. You can also observe the context of messages here. I have yet to see a racist or obscenely offensive comment here yet (worst so far is, "You have messy programming!" and I guess that can sting a little for some people). Which is a great thing for a global community. Another reason why I enjoy interacting with people here. I'm sure malicious things have happened, but I haven't seen it. In another community, all one would have to say is something like "Obama" and the post's topic will never recover. Anyway, funny enough, if SoloLearn were around about 28 years ago (what an arbitrary number, right?) there would be a lot more Star Trek and Star Wars profile pictures, haha. I personally would have a Q or Data profile picture.


hmm its a quite good point you noticed because mostly we are a youth and till the starting we like to watch animation and cartoons. and the story line and the presentation in anime is better then any tv drama I didn't watched so many anime series naruto is a my favorite anime series


Because reality doesn't necessarily agree with us. :>


@Nikhil Dragon Ball is very old. as i remember it is started 20 years ago in my country. i have watched all the episode, and naruto, bleach, fairy tail, conan, death note, and attack on titan. but One Piece is always my favorite and the story always interesting to watch. cant wait for luffy make a mess in Tea Party


Inazuma Eleven !!! One of my favourite


@Agus : Have u watched DRAGON BALL Z?


we just like the anime character design!


i'm not inspired by anime.... btw my favourite anime is : Dragon Ball (all series) One Piece Naruto Boruto Sailor Moon Doraemon Shinchan (This anime always make me laugh)... 😆


I think titles like "Hotaru No Hoko", "Welcome to the N.H.K", "Mononoke Hime", "Tokyo Magnitude 8.0" and similar masterpieces, should be watched from everybody, anime fan and not. For "veterans" my recommendations are only: Sakamichi No Apollon (Music) -3-Gatsu No Lion (Game/Seinen) For this season i don't like anything, maybe i will watch the second season of AoT and My Hero Academia... maybe. =^=


@Isomer, Code Geass is one of my favourites anime, i watched all Movie (Boukoku No Akito) and i can't wait for the third season. ~_~


Who is with me ? :- Shinchan ,Doraemon , Dragon Ball Z and Super,Ben 10 and Inazuma Eleven


Can anyone suggest me something similar to Guilty Crown and Psychopass.


The original Dragonball and Cowboy Bebop were among the earliest I followed.


Mahouka contributes a part to why I love programming btw. There are similarities in between programmers and Magic Engineers.


Thank you guys, now i have +20 anime in "plan to watch" I will never finish! @[email protected]


i used to watch naruto and another one not mentioned.. hare and goo