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What do we mean by server-side and client-side programming?

Do you know what exactly is server-side and client-side programming? There are a lot of languages classified under these! Examples for these will be appreciated too!

4/24/2017 9:40:00 AM

Harshit Gupta

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In a client-server application, client-side programming if every piece of code that it suppose to be interpreted and/or executed on the "client" side of the app, while server-side programming if every piece of code that if suppose to be interpreted/executed ob the server side. The usual example is a web page. When a web page is requested by a Navigator, the server computer executes all the "server side" code that is programmed for the web page while "serving" the web page to the "client" computer running the navigator. While the page is uploaded and displayed in the client side, all the code programmed to be run on the "client side" is executed on the client computer. PHP is a great example of a language that is used on server side programming while Jscript is the one commonly used on client side programming. Of course, there are always exceptions as you can use NodeJS to do server side proggramming with Javascript.


client is the browser side--> for: html+ js jq and on. server Side programming you need PHP or c# or on server Side there iş database and servers that your program runs on the second you can say back-end the form is front-end


so the easiest way I could think of explaining it is through games. the client is the window that the user will see when playing, anything done that side is client. a server in a game is generally used for multiplayer. now depending on the game when you have a server you can sometimes manipulate certain items within a game to perform specific roles or do certain tasks. Some games allow server side to control the client fully and do as they wish with it. however others don't they can only use existing features not create new ones.