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Hi.Just started the app. Its great. And i really want to learn all the amazing coding languages (maybe not all).But no mater how much i learn i dont understand it. I quess i simply haven't understood what coding is really. Just wanted to know you have any advice. Oh, yeah i just dont have pc . Maybe thats a problem.

4/21/2017 7:28:59 PM

Armands Skutans

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pc is not a problem Advice? Never give up, and start slow and easy, dont think to finish a language per day. Start with HTML(I find it really simple) if you have not started anything else.


I started with java as well, its difficult but not impossible, take your time bro


thanks. :D and community is awesome.


Hey, Just another cool tip, search mybringback java tutorials on youtube and newboston java tutorials on youtube .watch these, these 2 are best explainers ever. Also,at a certain instant ,you will feel like java is Very tough, you won't get any of the concepts. Trust me ,thats completely normal, you just leave those and continue with your course, these things will come to you automatically.The concepts I am talking about are of OOPS(object oriented programming) and you will know about it when you hear words like : class,object,attribute,method,argument, constructor etc.. Finally, I would like you to ask here, if you have any problem,and also practice codes side by side,on sololearn's code playground. NOTE:- DONT FOCUS AND LEARN SYNTAXES , FOCUS ON ALOGRITHMS,TRY TO CONSTRUCT YOUR ALOGRITHMS.SYNTAXES CAN BE SEARCHED THROUGH THE INTERNET, ALOGRITHMS CAN'T


by the way. just a tip if you are going to do java, also search online for information regarding OOP. java is an object oriented programming (oop) language. when i started coding with java, it was really bad code because i wasnt following oop standards. i was doing more like prcedural code. and sololearn doesnt explain a lot of the oop concepts, so i just suggest you google that on your own time remember that classes in an oop language are made to model real life objects.


yep! i also started with html...i have never been to any programming class yet i understood a lot of html right here on sololearn...that just shows how easy it is...take heart


dont know what to do. start html and abandon java for a while. but can you program a app with it? do you have any code i could look at?


i started java. just have an strong idea to make small game on android. seen other people codes aswell. awesome things can be made..