Lesson well learnt!

Don't play challenges when you are very tired..LoL Lost couple of challenges because I couldn't comprehend much....stuck brain...Haha

4/21/2017 3:15:48 AM

Ben Bright

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You are right! It happened to me a few times.


Or when you just woke up...lost a few to lower levels because I was all groggy. :/


no, no, go in like that. I speak for the newbies and learners and we do really enjoy winning agains you expereanced ones...especially in the underground train at five am ...I nearly woke the person next to me, by my happy "yeah" :D


I have this issue:)


Helioform...nailed it


@cristina dije algo como que para mi es muy bien si los que saben màs juegan con nosotros que empeciaron (ay, mi español es muy malo) cuando son cansados, porque asi nosotros ganamos puntos y gangas de gritar por suerte


recently happened to me... some of them I clicked wrong answers LOL . @Helioform ...just did it. and lost two in row .. clicked all wrong ones.


Have you already been falling asleep in the middle of challenges? :)


español porfis