A profound gratitude to "SOLOLEARN"

I feel that technical information is best covered with as few words as possible, in conjunction with just the amount of executable code and commenting required to express an idea. And you have nailed every tiny bit of it with all your app features: great Lessons, Q & A, Challenge, XP Points, Quiz Factory, Leaderboards etc above all Converging Great minds from everywhere.

4/20/2017 12:24:30 AM

Ben Bright

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There will be more to come. Stay tuned. :>


sololearn is heaven!!


Also showing appreciation to Sololearn. Though their is still work to be done but really this foundation is very strong...kudos, n tnx for giving us these apps.


@Ben Bright, you're right. SOLOLEARN TEAM deserves it.


Sololearn is great..... But it's just to "learn". Just few days back after doing many freaking courses I understood that "You should apply" and think about what you learnt. Without it learning is just waste of time because you might/will forget what you learnt, but what you did/apply NEVER!


absolutely the SoloLearn team is doing a great job


There's really no one here that is not grateful one way or another for what SoloLearn has become to the programming world. From the angle of the many enthusiastic Indians (approximately 1-in-3 Platinum Medalist on the Platform are Indians - kudos!) to other Countries in their numbers... To the "XP" chasers... To the senior coders... ...and to emerging Teams of Coders... I believe if we keep the community alive through educative and lively interactions, we will evolve a better future from here..., where programmers can work together as a team not minding any differences or barriers at all... ^^-^^


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Completely agree. Holistic learning at its best.


Stay Awesome, Sololearn!!


yes. that's good


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SoloLearn got me into coding. Something that is easy, quick, free, and on the go, as well as giving me opportunities to work hands on with coding and no download, is simply amazing and should stay.


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Sololearn provides bit size infomation than ask a question. its a clever idea. for begginer , sololearn proviides good chance to master fundamentals.that is what you need to further your journey to master a programming skill.


I hope they will soon expand the HTML app. I knew more than half of the lessons, and there is so much more to learn !


I have tried several other methods of learning...even just staring at code hoping it will eventually make sense. This app is the cats pajamas! Thank you so very much for all your effort, you have made coding exciting for me again!


I just started to learn from it few days ago it helps me remember lot of things I usually forget.


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SoloLearn is improving day by day.