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Nikolay Nachev's Invincibility

I have heard Nikolay is just unbeatable, how far is it true?

4/19/2017 3:11:39 PM

Dragon Slayer Xavier

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@Amrit @Michael, it's true, see here: 12.03.17 Java 😃


Nikolay can be beaten due to 3 things only. 1) Typo 2) Network Error 3) Wrong Question


Chuck Norris is scared of Sir Nikolay.


@Krishna, also: 4) If someone calls him during the challenge :)


He is unbeatable to the point that anyone who wins in a challenge against him gets to be listed in Nikolay's hall of fame. I'm not joking.


Nikolay beaten ? Error 404 - Not found 😀



I guess i'm the only one who beat both...!! ^_^


I'm going to challenge him to see what happens :P


well challenge him and find out. Or scroll through his profile and see his results.


@Michael, I can't believe it


dead im gonna challenge him too update: got all 5. lets just hope he gets one wrong 😓


after so many challenges with nikolay sir, i got 1 draw in java (5:5). i am just happy, even i took screenshot.