I just saw Jafca posted a new answer to "Daily Bonus" thread but instead of saying Jafca posted a new answer to "Daily Bonus" it said: Jafca "sunoB ylaiD" ot rewsna wen a detsop HOLY COWWW😲😂

4/19/2017 12:10:08 AM


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@Andrew Grider you code is very good, it's working! You did a good job...


look at Andrew Grider's post.


This is Yiddish language way of writing 😆


@Cyrus si taht gub a I kniht (elyts adoY + reverse))


@Jafca everything in reverse ElReverso finally we found you(C&H reference)))


suoigatnoc s'tI .tahs yloH


^_^ (I hope it doesnt happen to me... *afraid* °_° )


!PASA siht xif attog ev'eW


Jafca keep this secret a secret!!! 😂😂😂😂


Dear God, what have I done?


being a coder jafca is a magician also


I also have the same problem ⚠️


?oht woH .enoyna llet t'ndid I




? neppah tahW .ti teg t'nod i


ti tog I, ti tog I 😁




I received an answer from Sololearn devs... They said they are working on it now..


How is this happening, I wanna know the secret of encoding 😁