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Predict how and when you will die with my code!

So, Hatsy pointed it out to me that Burey once said that Gold members should prove that they earned there badge. So here's something creative for you. Predict how and when you will die right down to the exact time! Leave a comment on suggestions for more kinds of Deaths and also leave a comment how you went out! Please drop a like if you liked the code. TYVM Have Fun!

4/17/2017 10:27:21 AM


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@Devender it gives a choice of when and how to die😅


@luka :( Should I remove that? I only meant it as a joke 🙁


@devender Haha. Unfortunately that cant be prevented 😂 Maybe I should put a "Run it only once" rule 😂


Lol, Luka! I was wondering if/when someone would get to that one 😂


@Illusive First time it gave my two years of life😨😱 and second time I got fifty years 😎😆


@Luka may I take a liberty to say that you got the best reason of dying,😂😂😂😉


Good one but each run give different date of death 😉


ha ha ha funny,only if it isn't true