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Double quote?

how do you do it?

4/17/2017 7:08:09 AM

Sam “Tinashe” Truscott

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""" if you're lazy you can just do this """




Envelop the double quotes in single quotes for the former to be printed out. print('Sam "Tinashe" Truscott') >>> Sam "Tinashe" Truscott



You can also use \ (backslash) as an escape character for double quotes. Example (Python): print("Hello \"World\"") Output: Hello "World" -Note that I'm only using double quotes and this is possible because I used the backslash to escape those two double quote characters. Here's a list of things you can do with backslash in your strings: \' single quote \" double quote \\ backslash \n new line \r carriage return \t tab \b backspace \f form feed -Read up on escaping characters for more info


Gavin's explanation helped me to guess it... :) Very interesting way to write stuff... I enjoy this.


Rather than 'blah blah blah' double quote is "blah blah blah"