Is it fair if the quiz expire or get declined the initial challenger should earn xp? | Sololearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Is it fair if the quiz expire or get declined the initial challenger should earn xp?

Question pretty much sums it all.

4/16/2017 6:43:16 AM


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It's not a matter of how much 1XP would push someone up the leaderboard - People will abuse it. I'm not sure which part isn't made clear. If someone declines or the quiz expires, it is untraceable - Meaning that nobody sees it, and there will be no records that the XP is awarded, making it a foolproof was to cheat and abuse the system. I'm not sure if you are aware, but mods have been cracking the shat out of idiots the past few days who abused the system with alternate accounts to try to earn badges. The only reason we were able to do so is because wins and losses are recorded.


Why should there be a winner if the challenge wasn't even accepted?


The current lower limit for winning a match is 1XP. How much XP to you propose to be earned from a match which is declined or expired?


To add to the list, it is simply unacceptable for declines and expires to even earn 1XP. High level users earn the equal amount of XP in wins. If this system was to exist, decline/expire XP should not be == win XP. This would be unfair to certain users.


What will happen if this feature is abused? There would be no trace left for moderators to check, as declines and expires are not registered. One would just spam tons of challenges and have the dummy account decline them. The idea of motivation is good, but not feasible at the moment.


kkkkkkkkkk say what ?


Yeah, I agree but you should get some XP. I should've rephrased my question to say to earn XP and not "winner."


1xp would do. I don't care about XP as much as the motivation behind the concept. I have had many people decline my challenge and it felt empty to just throw away the effort. I'd be happy even it's 1xp, lol. Not that it matters but it just brings more motivation to continue.


How is that feature be abused compared to the current system? 1 XP won't move you up 20 spots on the leader board. Also, if someone declines or the quiz expire, it's a lot more dodgy way to game the system from people you know already battled you and won.


I guess I see your point someone (with no life) abusing the system. I just think quiz is the integral part of learning within sololearn and need a bit more attention.