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Code projects won’t unlock

I did the intro to python course and have the certificate but the code projects won’t unlock and it still says complete the previous lesson to unlock. Anyone have a solution? Please and thank you.

29th Apr 2023, 12:56 PM
Bryan Struck
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Hello Bryan, Try to check each module & chapter for something that might have been skipped. SoloLearn is rolling out new stuffs in the lessons. The update or additional materials changes a lesson's completion status, perhaps this was it. When you are sure nothing was out of sync, be sure to contact the admins to explain the situation. Include screenshots in your e-mail for completeness sake, so they can help you out sooner.
29th Apr 2023, 1:07 PM
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Hello! Do: -update the app if possible -clear cache -reboot your phone If after doing that it doesn’t work, mail it to [email protected]
29th Apr 2023, 1:08 PM
Ugulberto Sánchez
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Bryan Struck Remember that responses can last some days. There are so much emails sent daily. So be patient. Your welcome.
30th Apr 2023, 5:07 PM
Ugulberto Sánchez
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I emailed and havent received a response. I decided to go through every lesson again and that seemed to unlock it. Thank you for your help.
30th Apr 2023, 5:05 PM
Bryan Struck