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Let's make a Sololearn FAQ!

There are some questions which are being asked every single day like difference between pre increment and post increment, verifying email etc,. Let's make one FAQ web code and give link to it whenever someone asks a question in FAQ. What you have to do is submit a frequently asked question and it's answer as an answer to this question.

4/15/2017 2:14:19 AM

Krishna Teja Yeluripati

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Q. Can I learn Hacking through this app? A. No no no noooooooo.... ~_~


Q. How does operator precedence work? A. Operators like *,/,% (multiplicative) have higher precedence than +,- (additive). eg:- 1} 10*4/2= 20...... (Same level of precedence is carried out on basis of which comes first) 2} 10+4-2=12.....(Same level of precedence is carried out on which comes first) 3} 10+4/2= 12..... (First Quotient and then addition) 4} 10/4+4%2=2... (First Quotient then Remainder then addition of both) For operators used in terms within brackets, brackets are solved first.


Q: Are SoloLearn certificates valuable/usable for getting jobs? A: SoloLearn certificates are tokens of appreciation given to users for completing the tutorial courses. You may add them to your resume, but they wouldn't weigh much, let alone get you a job.


Q: What is the most effective way of learning in SoloLearn? A: Follow the slides in our tutorials provided, and practice how to code by using Code Playground. If you encounter any problems in coding, you may post a question in our discuss section to get answers from the community. You may also search the discuss section to find similar threads which may help you.


Q: What should I learn first? A: If you want to develop web applications, start with HTML,then CSS and continue to JS. PHP is optional. If you want to learn major programming languages, start with C++ Q:How do I get more followers? A:Be helpful in the community, post top codes, do tons of challenges. Q:Why arent people liking at my codes? A:Because people are not seeing them. If they are good enough, post it in the forum. Web codes get all the likes. Unless you have a lot of followers, people wont see what you have coded. Q:Can you add people as friends on Sololearn? A:We have a "follow" system on Sololearn. You can see all the posts from people you follow and your followers can see all your posts. Q:What if there is a wrong question in challenges? A:While viewing correct answers, you can see a button on the top right. Click on the button and you can report the question if you're sure it's wrong. Q:What should I learn to develop games? A:Learn Java for Android, Swift for iOS, C# for Unity Q:How can I a hack a game? A:You are here for the wrong reasons Q:What do I do if I see suspicious activity between two accounts? A:If you feel that 2 accounts are cheating by one of then losing to the other on purpose, feel free to report them as well as post the link on the forum. The mods will take necessary action. Q:What is the easiest language? A: The easiest is HTML for sure. Requires least logic and has very easy syntax compared to the rest of the programs.


Q: What are Challenges in SoloLearn? How do they work? A: Challenges are initiated by challenging another user in the Challenge section using a certain weapon (language). Challenges consist of 5 relevant programming questions which has to be completed by both users within a limited amount of time. The user with the most correct answers wins. If both sides get equal amount of correct answers, the challenge ends in a draw. After initiating and completing 5 questions of the challenge session, the user who initiated the challenge will have to wait until the other user comes online and accept the challenge. Users have the option to decline the challenge. If the other user does not respond to the challenge invitation, the challenge will simply expire. Users gain XP for winning challenges, and lose XP for losing challenges. The base algorithm of the XP system in challenges is as such: Lose XP = 32 - Win XP Answer bonus may also be given to beginners.


Q: I have met the requirements of getting a badge, but I haven't got it yet A: Send an email to [email protected] and report this to them


Q. Which is best Java or C++? A. Both!


Q: What does Nikolay Nachev do in real life? A: He is a marine engineer


Q: How can I verify my account? A: Check all folders of the email account that is related to your profile. SoloLearn has sent you an email to verify your account. Open the link in the email.


Q: How can I become a mod? A: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/306928/?ref=app


Q: What should I do if I come across malicious/inappropriate threads/links/posts/codes? What should I do if my rights are violated? A: There are a few options and measures that you can take to counteract​ these elements in SoloLearn which are against our community guidelines. We suggest you to take what you think is feasible: - Report the element using our in-app report feature. This will notify our administrators to take appropriate actions to remove said element. - Block the culprit who created the element. - Contact our known moderators to get the dirty job done. - Get the link of the element and send it directly to SoloLearn Support Email ([email protected]) for inspection.


Q. "Tell me an app where I can learn programming for free" A. https://code.sololearn.com/W8Lx47msLgTJ/?ref=app


You are wellcome Sir


Q; Why is Html not a programming language ? A; This is simply because html only marks up the codes for the web browser to render but it lacks the ability to solve mathematical problems, make conditional statements and mostly make logical expressions which are a must for all programming languages.


Q: How to get more followers? A: https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/300519/?ref=app


Q:How to increase XP? A:Earn badges...do the tutorials and challenges...get upvotes on your question/answer/code...daily login bonus....the more you learn the more xp you will have.


Q: I wanna be a hacker! A: Awww.... https://www.sololearn.com/discuss/115103/?ref=app


Q: Is there anybody who has defeated Nikolay Nachev? A: It is said that their is somebody who has a friend who has already saw somebody talking about defeating him. https://code.sololearn.com/W8ONPavH6RjF/?ref=app