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Achievements on Sololearn

I want to ask whether or not achievements work on new courses? For example, let's take: **Commenting for the community** section of achievements. One of the achievement says: leave a comment in a lesson/quiz with 5 upvotes. I left some comments in python intermediate course. Most of them got 5+ upvotes, but I did not receive the badge!!!😅

3rd Feb 2023, 11:20 AM
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3 Answers
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Bunny can maybe help with this? The vast majority of users don't have access to those new courses unfortunately.
3rd Feb 2023, 1:41 PM
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Hm… let me have us take a look, Lamron ! Thanks for the ping, Justice 😄
3rd Feb 2023, 1:53 PM
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Bunny , may I DM you? I have experienced an issue with the report button you have mentioned yesterday
3rd Feb 2023, 2:19 PM
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