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[report] One more case of fake account abuse

User iamsuper https://www.sololearn.com/Profile/4475696/?ref=app plays challenges with only one user Joshua Frohmader and loses all challenges. Not super at all! :-) (0:5, 0:4, 0:5, etc)

4/14/2017 7:59:07 PM

Andrew Harchenko (Tomsk)

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@Andrey Kharchenko In layman terms, digging up suspicious activity and reporting them are great things to do, which really helps the moderators in talking down bad accounts. However, we shouldn't be provoking the suspect any further once we have taken appropriate actions to report to SL. I'm not discouraging you or telling you to stop reporting them. It's just like how we should hand criminals over to the authorities, but shouldn't beat too much crap out of them in the process. :>


Yep. Fake challenger, thx Andrey!


@Joshua We'll have SL to judge for that. If you are innocent, no action will be taken. Links sent for inspection.


How are you finding these?! Good work @Andrey.


@Andrey Kharchenko I appreciate your dedication in digging up suspicious activity, but since the links have been sent to SL for inspection, let's leave it at there for Joshua to avoid a separate case from cropping up. @Joshua Frohmader I regret the inconvenience caused. Just FYI, Andrey was reporting as part of the community instead of being part of the mod group, and hence, like the rest of the community, may have a shorter fuse on such cases.


lol (not super at all)


must be Joshua himself!😡


Here is a bit of explanation how "iamsuper" was hypnotized by Joshua (who is aware of thefts) and was not even trying (more than 30 zeroes in challenges) but easily has done 5:5 with me and 5:x with someone else who accidently challenged iamsuper... https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/294075/?ref=app It's even funny.


Should I stop digging up suspicious activity? (I'm not sure what are "cropping up" and "shorter fuse" because English is not my native language, I think). "...reports don't do more than appealing SoloLearn's attention to this". We still can decide for ourselfs how to react when we see such behavior. To report or not to report to community if we don't even know exact rules that SL would (or would not) apply. (I would prefer to ask it some sololearners in some kind of private messages, but we don't have any).


There are rules for authorities too which we may find and understand (not in every country, thats a pity) but we know nothing about what will happen next after we report those cheaters. At least they still have their badges (which I myself can not achieve ☺). So let them be ashamed when other Sololearners will find out about their cheating.