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stay or go?

I usually stay on the same section until I figure out how it works, Im right now Im confused on how forms work. So should I move on? maybe it will teach me more in the future?

6/8/2016 5:41:44 AM


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Forms - it's easy. The user fills in the required fields and submits the form. These go by GET or POST to the server specified in the link ACTION atribute, and the page is reloaded. On the server, they will be stored in the variable $_REQUEST


I also tend to stay with a topic until I understand. In order to facilitate the learning, I recommend following multiple html courses at the same time, so they can supplement each other. Something is not clearly explained in one course may be much clearer in another course. I also recommend trying things out for yourself, playing with the code can help you develop your understanding of how html works. Finally it also helps to try and look for answers via google or sites like stackexchange, this will help you hecome a more independent learner, which will also be helpful as a professional.