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Studying Online vs Offline

What you prefer, studying online or offline and tell me why ???

4/12/2017 6:19:18 PM

Prince Saini

3 Answers

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Study can be done in both ways. Online means with the help of a online website or apps where there are thousands of paid as well as free courses available! Whereas offline means learning through some books, articles, magazines or friends! I prefer offline learning, as it will help you in gaining knowledge preferably(according to your choice). Online learning is not bad though, but sometimes it becomes so boring! and the ads there would decrease the excitement! The only best free way to learn online is Sololearn! :-D


If SoloLearn was offline, I'd consider deviating from online. :P


online is better... at least u get to try out the codes and see how they work, check the comments and even place your own comments where necessary 😋