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Which IDE is easier for android development, Eclipse or Android Studio?

4/12/2017 9:56:54 AM

Sayantan Saha

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If you have 6 GB+ RAM, use Android Studio. Otherwise, go for Eclipse. Trust me, if you have less RAM, Android Studio is unbearable and intolerable.


Eclipse is no longer supported for Android development. The required Android Support Libraries are not ported by Google anymore to work with Eclipse, as of November 2016. https://www.xda-developers.com/google-ends-support-for-eclipse-android-developer-tools/


Android Studio is the best choice for App Development @Krishna is right You need 6-8GB RAM and if your computer have an Intel processor with support for Intel VT-x, EM64T and Execute Disable(XD) Bit you can install Intel HAXM, it will increase emulator speed dramatically.


Android Studio


I know that it wasn't one of your options, but you could go with Qpython3, and kivy for android development. You can find Qpython3, with examples at the Google Play/App Store


Visual Studio Xamrin


Earlier Android SDK was based on Eclipse and then Android Studio changed to IntelliJ. I used Eclipse for many years and now I use Android Studio for a while. In my opinion Eclipse was better to use and much faster. I'm going crazy how slow it is to build the app with Android Studio.


Android Studio is the best option. Eclipse is somehow complicated and could get confusing. Since Eclipse requires you to install Android Plugin/Extension; the whole procedure could be messy. So, for clean Android App development, Android Studio is much suitable. Android Studios on the other hand is highly system recourse demanding; you'll need a PC with 6gb RAM & above, and high processing speed to get a swift experience. I once ran the program on 4gb RAM PC; it was very laggy and boring😢


Android Studio is the best.... It's mainly designed for developing different Android app. It has many features unlike eclipse but you need a good system with a good amount of RAM and also a good processor.


it's depend of your computer's capacities. i5 3rd gen with 6gb of ram (min), yes android studio it's easily suitable. if not, eclipse


Android Studio is the only best IDE for Android Development. because, It is feature rich Easy to use It is supported by Google Talking about the Eclipse, Google ends support for ADT(Android Development Tools) Plugins. Tip: someone commented that "6GB ram is must", but you can use 4GB. I'm running on my laptop having 4GB RAM without any problem. There is a small lag but not to massive. Happy Coding...


Visual Studio with Xamarin. The advantage in using this IDE is that you can develop in both Android and iOS all in the same program.


Android Studios....


➕ 4 GB RAM Android Studio ➖ 4 GB RAM Eclipse ➡ Alternative: Intellij Idea


Android Studio


Hello. Android studio is the best because its very well customized for android. Does anyone even use eclipse for android these days? Incase you PC has low hardware specs, you can try using a Linux distro like kubuntu or mint. You will be surprised by the performance boost compared to Windows. You should also try using genymotion for emulation instead of default emulators. Also make sure intel HAXM is installed for Windows users and for Linux install KVM


Android studio.....coz it was specifically made for Android....and it was made by the same people who made Android..... basically. seriously i think Android studio is the best....its more efficient, with its built-in emulator, and better organization.



Android studio is optimized for Android development, so I would recommend it.


Android studio has a lot of extra help for beginners, and of course it's IDE from Google, I think it better for beginners.