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Creating virus using programming language

How can I make a simply disturbing virus using a programming language. I've heard in wikihow i can use Ruby or Python to make a virus isn't?(I just want to know not to make😁)

4/11/2017 11:42:49 PM


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File bomb in C++, corresponding to @MrCoder's Ruby code: You can also check out @Luka's codes for more power of the Dark Side. :>


I've made a file bomb virus in Ruby, I'll do it even more dangerous on Python.


hehehe... Thanks


You can create a virus by pretty much any object-oriented programming language if you know what you're doing. if u want something disturbing pack a file that plays a loud noise or smth for quite a while, do it only for fun and messing around with friends tho. Happy coding! xD


It depends of what you want of your virus to do. Ruby and Python are interpreted languages, which "destructive" abilities are hardly restricted by its runtime environment. For really menacing viruses you should use some compiled language with ability to low level memory manipulation, which code also can be compiled in small standalone executable files. It is languages like C or C++ or even Assembly if you know what you do. Also you should have decent programming skill and understanding of computer systems at all to be able to code such scripts in proper way. If you are beginner its better to start learning from less complicated tasks.