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Define computer.

Please guys don't take help from books or internet. Let's see how many of you can give the most appropriate answer to this most easy question.

4/11/2017 4:13:48 PM

Abhijeet Ranjan

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A computer is a machine that "computes" a series of 0's and 1's through a number of cores called "registers", and can store, move, copy, delete, and do various other actions with this "data". The computer has been designed over the years to allow us Humans to work with it to create programs such as compilers, internet sites, games, etc. The technology behind a computer is so complex that it is very expensive, but you would need to start learning every little detail about a computer to get an understanding of this measure. It's kind of hard to give a really complete example of what a computer is without saying, look at your phone, or your laptop, because not everything can be explained verbally.


Common Operating Machine Particularly Used for Trade Education & Research.


Sora hit it on the head. 👍


a device to help human to deal with complex calculation, big data, and automate task.


A computer is a computer. There's the correct answer.


computer is a machine which helps to complete ur task in an easy way..


a tool for computations. and by the way things going, who knows, someone might call it a gender someday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Nowadays computer is a thing for browsing internet, watching movies, playing games, coding etc. In my mind, there are three kinds of computer. 1)Box computer 😂 2) Desktop 3) Laptop


@Mayur Yes, but output has to be generalized to be used here. If you take it very generally then it works. The processor does output electrical signals. But I am just saying this so that people don't interpret what you said as "a computer gives output = outputs to screen/counsel/anything visual." ;) You are right, though, in my opinion.


well, it's simple as this. 0 and 1 if u understand what this really means u will understand how basically the computer work, and if you are smarter you will understand everything. computer is made of logic. very complex logic in every part of the computer (ram, cpu, gpu, harddick... ), each part has it's own input and output, functiona, it's own way to apply this logic based on the input and the outpot. i don't think u will find my explanation easy to understand, becuase u can't really understand how the computer really works (that's why we buy pc's ps4, phones, for billions of dollars) it's very hard, especially for our generation, becuase the computers (cpu, ram... ) rich a very advanced level, so after 50 year, it's gonna be even harder for that generation to understand how the computer works. i'm 17 years old, i have been reading a lot books and thousends of Wikipedia pages, in the last 4 years, to understand almost 30% of how the computer and internet works. good luck.


it can be a dirt cheap powerful calculator or a very expensive toy.


simple definition "computer is machine which takes some input process it and gives output"


a computer is an evolution of the Turing machine. it is composed of several hardware pieces connected and communicating by serval bus. it has multiple in- and output devices. most common nowadays are mouse, keyboard and monitor