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I can learn Web Development in less than 3 months?

4/10/2017 6:34:28 PM

Fabian Borzas

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Yes. You definitely can! 1 - HTML5 in about 2 weeks 2 - CSS3 in about 3 weeks 3 - JavaScript in 6 weeks with 4 hrs invested in each language everyday


It depends on what level you want to learn it. Maybe if you are diligent and consistent you can start as a junior developer. Learning the languages itself is a challenge but also the style around it is also possible. While HTML and CSS may be easier than JavaScript, they aren't trivial. Especially JavaScript got some weird parts that most people don't know of. Also, not only do you have to write code that is doing its job, but also code that is maintainable, clean, and efficient. Anyway, I wish you good luck in your endeavour.


yep u can if u r having confidence towards ur work so either u complete the courses here in sololearn and go to w3schools or directly go to w3schools it is offering best online web tutorials so go thru them


Also, try to not forget last language you learned, before starting new one, cuz programming languages are just like real ones (xd)


Thank you again! :)