How can i fix this error ? SecurityError : Faild to read the localStorage property from window

i got this error when i tried to run my code in playground on my phone

23rd Aug 2022, 8:15 PM
fateme kamarei
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2 Answers
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Here playground will not access your local storage. It have no permissions.
23rd Aug 2022, 8:32 PM
Jayakrishna 🇮🇳
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Try to search in google before posting a question here. There is a high chance that someone had the same issue as you and you are not the first one. Also there is a high chance that someone posted that solution online. Here is the answer for this kind of error: https://www.chromium.org/for-testers/bug-reporting-guidelines/uncaught-securityerror-failed-to-read-the-localstorage-property-from-window-access-is-denied-for-this-document/
23rd Aug 2022, 8:30 PM
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