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Please help me I only got 2 day left to do it before it's too late

It is assumed that a person is characterized by the surname, the first name and his telephone. Our objective is to create a telephone directory, we can define a person structure that contains two character string variables and a integer variable for phone numbers. 1. Write a function voidadd_person (FILE *rep) that enters a person and add it at the end of the file passed as a parameter 2. Write a function voiddisplay_person_set (FILE *rep) that displays the file content 3. Write a function voidfind_person_number (FILE *dir, char *name) that allows to find the telephone number of a person given in parameter 4. Write a function voidchanger_person_number (FILE *dir, char *name) which allows to change the phone number of a given person in parameter 5. Write a voidmenu(FILE *rep) function that asks for the operation to perform: add a person, display the contents of the directory, find a number or leave the program 6. Write the main program

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8/19/2022 8:12:19 AM

Carl Henry

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Carl Henry You are learning coding so you have to give some effort and show attempts. We cannot write complete code for you.


Carl Henry See if you don't show your effort then how we can help you.


Carl Henry Your solution?


In addition to the link (from Sololearn Playground) of your attempt please let us know which language will be prefered.


No we don't do homework here. You have to at least show some understanding by providing your try. Then we help you from there.


Carl Henry Take your low grade like a man. You said help but you are asking us to cheat for you..


I don't really have a solution,I'm just looking for someone that could help me


Why do you have only 2 days to solve this coding problem?