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Why my image goes blur?

I made a image(logo) and downloaded it as a png and then i copied the path and all and inserted in my html But the image is so blurry when i saw the output. What can i do to it?

8/6/2022 6:44:18 PM

Mayank Sharma

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It may be the size and scaling. What are the dimensions of the picture? How big do you have it in your page?


Great you solved it. Without having any code to see or the graphic or even enough information, it was a guess as to how to address it.


Ausgrindtube 250px x 150px


The same dimensions to both questions?


Ausgrindtube Yup


Try making the image smaller in your page, say 200 x 120. See what effect that has.


Ausgrindtube the correct solution to this is increasing the actual size of the image!