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i install express and ejs

i install express and ejs but ejs not working?

7/16/2022 7:54:27 AM

nima maher

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Remember that we are learning to program, not tech support. If you're having an issue, google search it along with the operating system you have or talk to the support team of that program.


nima maher Though the sanctions, violations and stuff makes plenty of sense (I live in Brasil, so I can tell), Justice answer is correct and the best possible here. This is a programming learning app, so pls don't expect software support. Besides, SoloLearn is only accessible through internet. If you can reach here, you can reach search tools and product web pages, with way better conditions to help than anyone of us. Have you tried SuperUser community? But, taking the chance to get you closer to get proper help, when you reach the support community, remember to inform: 1. Your operating system and version 2. The software versions you tried to install or the exact URLs you downloaded them from 3. The exact steps you took to try to install 4. The exact outcome - errors, freezings, crashes, weird behaviours, etc 5. If possible, log files I don't know your software. But, if you found it, hopefully you can find who knows. And, with the information listed above, you'll help anyone to help you.


Emerson Prado Thank you very much for your honest answer. But it is worth mentioning that sololearn has banned my country and I am using vpn to use sololearn, but with all the problems I still love programming. Hoping that one day we will work together and get hired in a big company. Your friend Nima is from a difficult country.


if you are learning, you don't have to use Sololearn app. Use a proper ide and install node. If you want to try out something but don't want to install and download the packages or build the optimised code, you could try to see if there are cdn for those packages. You can paste the link in the header and write the code inside the script tags in the body.


Im liveing in iran and no support team respon to my !!!! Because the United States of America government has sanctioned my country, and after that, other international companies and sanctions policies from the United States do not ask me to access any of the internet services. And this is while America talks about human rights every day, but the American government itself violates human rights and does not give me access to internet services.


i'm looking for justice! If justice has an existence!!!!