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who can help me and explain what and how?


7/1/2022 2:24:45 AM

Kirill Borovik

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Kirill Borovik can you please clarify to what you are asking. Is this a code related question and if so what language, what code, what issues from your knowledge or is it a coding syntax error?


I need a way to quickly memorize all the codes.


Kirill Borovik remembering all codes is next to impossible and improbable but remembering basics and keeping cheatsheets both by language and catagories is a developer's best friend.


I have to translate your speech help would not hurt me I need to learn how to understand and remember this


Kirill Borovik Your question really needs clarifying. Many people here, including me, help many people here, including me. But we have to understand what help you need. Pls rewrite, keeping in mind none here knows in advance what you're thinking.


thanks for the help.P