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What is Run-time and Compile-time?


6/25/2022 2:23:36 PM


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Runtime is during the execution of the program, that means while the program is running. Compile time is during compilation of the program, that mean while turning your program (source code) into machine code(machine readable format of your code). Since you have mentioned Java. Compilation for java would be where your program gets converted into byte code(platform independent semi-binary form)


Stranger Binary form. We cannot communicate/speak with the computer directly in our language (English, Japanese, etc.), so we use programming languages (Assembly, C, Java, etc.) Now the thing is in the entire world all computers know/understand only one language "Binary". This language is written in forms of 0 and 1. Like, 01001010101101000101011110100011 (I wrote this randomly). So, now question comes about languages like C, Java which are text-based/human readable. A compiler compiles/ translates these languages into a machine code(the binary form of your code as told above.)


Binary form is 0's and 1's . Our java code will first compile(which converts the source code to machine level code) and when the compilation is done it runs the code which is called the runtime


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