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Is there any issue with XP points

Good afternoon, Sirs, am I the only one to notice an issue with XP points? It's more than a week that that value increases only with courses, not challenges nor even day streak. Thank you in Advance for any kind answer.

6/23/2022 12:55:17 PM

Federico Bassi

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Thank you for asking! We're investigating reports of XP not generating when it should, hopefully have an answer or resolution for you soon.


Federico Bassi It most likely was not her. There are people that downvote especially if a question like this has already been answered. It's usually best to search if this question has been asked before already to avoid such downvotes.


What Justice said, Federico Bassi ! I have actually never downvoted a comment or question here lol


Federico Bassi Unfortunately, it is possible to downvote without leaving a reason, which makes it easy for some people to show their displeasure. It can also lead to misunderstandings such as yours, when you think a particular person has downvoted after they have responded to an answer.


Thank you again, Bunny and Justice !


Bunny Good luck with investigation 👍


Thank you, Rik Wittkopp for your kind explanation


Bunny thank you for your kind answer, Hope you guys and girls behind the scenes can find a Quick and exhaustive solution.


Excuse me, Bunny , were you to put a vote "-1" to my question? If yes, May I ask you why? Thank you in advance