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How does Nikolay never lose in challenges?

I can't understand. I do challenges but sometimes 0 correct answers and a lot. How Nikolay? How does he manage it?

4/9/2017 8:58:53 AM

Ali Emir Kızıl

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I do loose, I even record my loses in my "Hall of fame" code 😁


I think he has mastered most of the questions and almost all concepts of programming logic.


@Ali : He loses only if he makes a typo or gets a network error. A guy who won 20K challenges would have seen every single question many times by now. But, keep up the spirit!


@Nikolay Nachev I will beat you someday 😂


@Vinamra Sareen check out his Hall Of Fame code


the guy is a genius. but I will beat him one day too


his concept are clear ..


it will be a draw ..hhaha.. coz he will not get less than 5


but he never accepts my html challanges


welcome to the team @Freeborn


i believe he will have eye problems soon... staring at his screen....