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Can Anyone please help me in my c++ oop code?

Can anyone help me in my oop code in c++? Create a c++ program that manipulate the following bank processes: membership - in this process the users input the information needed such as 6-digit account number, Firstname, Lastname and Balance. (Note: make sure the account number is 6-digit numbers else the program will terminated.) after membership process the users prompted if they want to do any of the following processes: withdraw - the user input the amount they want to withdraw and it will deducted to current balance. deposit - the user input the amount they want to deposit and it will added to current balance. after of any 2 process mentioned above the users will prompted if they want to print a receipt. NOTE: THIS PROGRAM SHOULD IMPLEMENTED USING CLASS AND OBJECTS Here's the screenshot of how the program works

5/24/2022 8:31:14 AM

Paulo Solpico

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This is my code so far

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This is the compiler need to use


Inside the transaction method create a loop that runs forever like this: Total_transaction = 0 Receipt = "" While(true){ Cin>> get mode If Mode == d Cin >> get amount Deposit(amount) Receipt += "Deposit:"+amount+"\n" Else if (mode == w) Cin >> get amount Withdraw(amount) Receipt += "Withdraw:"+amount+"\n" Total_transaction++ if (Total_transaction == 2) Cout << Do you want a receipt? Cin >> choice If (choice == yes) Cout << receipt break; }