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Must I be perfect on java programming before i develope app

Java programming

5/23/2022 12:52:07 PM


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No. There's no way we can be perfect on anything. Our apps can't be perfect either. Learn and start coding. The more you practice, the better you get, and the better your app gets.


MR KINGSHOW Some key concept you should learn includes Data types, Variables, Operators, Scopes, conditional statement Classes Functions Loop statements, OOP


No. But you must be perfect only in the basics and libraries and modules that your app should have.


MR KINGSHOW One key skill is to ask questions that bring the information you need. If you ask if you need to be perfect, you don't get an answer with the key Java concepts needed for good coding. In programming, always be straight in communication.


MR KINGSHOW there are many for building android app just like Emerson Prado has said. Eclipse IDE is a very popular alternative but I'll say you should continue with Android Studio, as it is the official IDE built by Google to enable developer build app for the android OS.


Emerson Prado but what are the keys in java programming that I will surely learn before I start developing


Emms thank you bro


Emerson Prado , Emms I'm using Android studio for developing my first application I don't know if there is some IDE I can use


There are many. Post a new question about it, being specific in the title. This will attract more help then follow-ups in a conceptual question about perfection.


Emms thank you