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Post your suggestion(s) for a beginner software project here.

As a beginner, I was looking for inspiration for a small project that i could finish in a few days in order to learn and practice my skills. So, let's post small project ideas, that you did yourself or think that are suitable for beginners to do. Let's make it simple: console application or not , doesn't matter. as long as it can be finished in a few days. Make this a repository for good ideas! :)

4/8/2017 7:26:47 PM

Thanh Le

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My idea for a project: Write code that suggests a project randomly or depending on user input of the programming language and interests. I'm not kidding. That code could be trending. It's a frequently asked question, so it would be very helpful.


My Idea is : 1:Calculator built in All Languages. 2:puzzle Game 3:Internet Browser 4:rock-paper-scissors So we can built more complicated softwares


A virtual ATM machine, with default balance and stuff. Or even a program to record sales information, GCPA calculator, etc. These are formal assignments handed out by universities to first years. If you have attempted to create such programs in the past, you will realise how much it benefits you in academic terms. Good luck!


I made a random insult generator, which would come up with things like "stupid chicken sniffer" and "super idiot breath." I made a chat program using JavaFX, just to test my GUI programming skills. Later I made a program that was a virus. Though it wasn’t really a virus. It just pressed the F1 key every ten seconds, which would bring up the help window :D I tried to make an IRC chat bot. I never got it working properly, but I did learn a lot about networking from it. All of these projects are pretty silly, but the point is that they were interesting to me at that time. And because teenage me finds them interesting, I will keep writing code forever 🙂


@Tashi N, I must say I really like your idea! It reminded me of this app I got before. 'Programming Ideas' or formally known as 'Idea Bag', here is a url for the app in Play Store if anyone wants to check it out =D


I have got many suggestions, and most of them I made them... Some of them I can't remember but I will try my best. My first complex project was making a box moving in Javascript... It was so interesting for me at that time. Then I made a blog... It was really fun and I am thinking about posting it online. I made text-based games in Python like Slot Machine, Hangman, Battleship. As I was coding them, I was playing and learning at the same time!! Then, I started making more complex projects like Pong... I just done some complex patterns using Html and Javascript... I also have some suggestions, like Snake... I tried to do it, and it was really fun, however I don't want to post it here... You can think of mathematical and logical problems like making a calculator. However, I can give you a challenge, and try to write the whole thing as a single input... Here are some of my first codes which I hope are pretty good ideas for beginner's projects


Really depends on a language. In a few days you can start making games in Python or Ruby. Or... finish looking for that missing semicolon elsewhere ;)


Calculator, simple as that.


Simple games are really helpful for beginning you can try these : - 1)Rock Paper Scissors (easiest game to make) 2)Dice - odd even game 3)Tic Tac Toe(not that simple actually) After that you can try some more complex classical games like - 1)The snake game 2)Pac-Man 3)Ping Pong 4)Some self created I created Save your finger and Debugger Game. If you are working on web you can learn the JavaScript library P5.js , it's very helpful for beginning with canvas projects and make many concepts easier Apart from games - 1)Navigation Bar (for web) 2)Basic mobile Interface 3)Calculator 4)Some cool animations etc.


I say the calculator is too mainstream to be honest. Some of my projects in the beginning were games like Snake , implemented and played through the Windows command prompt, a slide-puzzle game with a simple gui, suduko, crossword, checkers.. etc. Then I took on a challenge that a friend suggested: make a program that will solve a Rubiks cube, after having the program prompt the user for the colors per square (I'm still working on that btw). Here lately, I've been pacing around reverse-engineering ciphers and default passkeys (algorithmic decryption etc). There's plenty of ideas out there. :P Also - Maybe check out a website called "Codefights". Not only does it help build your skill, but it also provides tons of amazing project ideas once you start getting into tougher stages.


1)calculator (start simple and make it more complex as you learn) 2)guess the number (same as calculator) 3)dice roll with user input for dice size 4)tic tac toe(a bit tricky) 5)well known math problems 6)rock paper scissors 7)mine sweeper 8)Ceasar cipher with key number for displacing the letters (key number) positions 9)creating symmetric drawings with canvas(html/js). The math/logic required for these is pretty good for beginners.


A Tic-Tac-Toe game, it's also simple and easy.


Hm.. with which language? / Are you only planning on using the console, or will you have visuals. @Tashi I'm trying to make a program that asks the user to write a program to solve a problem if that counts xD.


Make a rock, paper, scissors game complete with a scoring system. My own had the option to set the goal score and allowed the player to play again if they wanted after winning or quitting. I did mine in python. CUI.


I'd propose a hang man game, once I did it in Javascript and I had no idea where to start from, but, it is quite simple and quite interesting at same time. Makes you think a lot... The hang man game I did used html, css and Javascript... I encourage you to take the challenge to make it. You'll have a lot of fun and you'll learn a lot as well, as you'll have to do researches on Internet, as we are begginers. Luck on that!


a simple code that let user to add something in a list


Search engine for some specific contents


Usually, games are really quick and easy to make, no matter what language you use (as long as its not assembly or brainf*$k :) ). Here's a list of some games: - Connect four - Checkers - Mastermind - War (card game) - Minesweeper (it may sound complicated but its not)


Quiz maker.


if u wanna to practice web development then try to create 1. portfolio-website of ur own with html,css. 2. form validation form with javascript, jquery, php respectively, 3. make a hr-leaving management system, 4. e-commerce site.