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I want opinions

Please check out my calculator and tell me what you think. All opinions are welcome. https://code.sololearn.com/WUY4nQmfIXnf/?ref=app

4/8/2017 3:46:03 PM

Augustus Otu

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Good job, but you can improve it by many ways: handle case of cancel button of alert()/prompt() by user, or better, rewrite your code to avoid use of alert()/prompt()/confirm() functions ( not user friendly ;) )... You can do that by writing an Html/css alternative to the 'alert' kind buit-in boxes, or integrate the necessarly form elements to get input from user more statically in your page design/template ( and why not doing some numeric/operators keyboard and display to make a realistic virtual calculator ;) )


I've just had a look, it's really good! :)


Thank you very much


It is really good, but it's not user friendly. And i think you should make an alert if what you put is a string or char instead of number. :-)