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I just started with Kotlin today!

I don't really know how this program works, but firstly what software must I have to enhance my learning? Plus, is Visual Studio Code application a good option or just Android Studio

5/6/2022 12:04:48 PM

Chukwurah Frank Onweazu

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Chukwurah Frank Onweazu Well done, you might find jetpack compose the best thing since sliced bread. Android Studio is the defacto standard.


Wellcome to the world


That's great that you started Kotlin friend, it's mostly based on Android apps and some server-side coding. For IDE it's not bad to use VS Code, however it'll be good to start with intellij aswell as has good benefit. And then, if you're interested in Android development, I recommend going to the Android developers official website ad it has free course for beginner and advance.