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TypeScript books

Hello everyone! I want to start learning TypeScript, what good books do you recommend me?

4/29/2022 8:24:52 PM


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I recommend typescript quickly i think it's a good choice for beginners


Николай TypeScript by Microsoft is a superscript of JavaScript. It's not a new programming language, even if it was, reading a book on a language is in my view not recommend. Let's say TypeScript v1 was a language on its own, you buy the latest TypeScript book which was written at least a year ago, TypeScript v2 came out last month. In my opinion, you'll keep reading until they are poor sand on you. Now, you might wander, well, TypeScript is not a language on its own, so I can. Stop. Read my first sentence again. In short, TypeScript is outstanding, one simple thing is the fact that you get compiler errors and helpful hints, while JavaScript thinks all is good. Another example of what kind of product TypeScript is, look at jQuery. jQuery made our lives easier, quicker and more readable. jQuery is not a language on its own.