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Can I still get a internship even though I didn't study as a computer science in college?

3/8/2022 1:19:36 PM

Renz Jefferson Padro

4 Answers

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It also depends on the country. Many in mine don’t have an IT diploma, just experience :)


Once I read a senior wrote, in short ... if you know your strength, how to present yourself, and how to convince the employer that you are a necessity for their business, then you make the chance, no doubt. I guess it sums up to ... your papers doesn't necessarily represent you, your skills and value does ... Nonetheless, a degree still sits on top of most vacancy requirements list, so ... go figure.


Hi Renz Jefferson Padro To encourage you i am glad to say that, i also didn't study cs, i started to learn everything by myself and i found the opportunity to start my internship as software engineer. Daily basis you should learn, repeat and work with all you learnt. If you think this is what you want to do, if you really have fun and will, believe me these count more than papers. Just keep it going 👍


You can but you need to be an expert on relevant topics.