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TCP server by using pure C

Hi guys, Actually I am looking around for a good and step by step tutorial for implementing TCP server and sockets, something like what SoloLearn do. But did not find anything like that. Does anyone know a specific course ?

2/12/2022 6:17:36 AM

Siavash Shojaee

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You will have to look for socket/networking programming for your particular targeted development environment. Support for networking is not built into the language itself but provided as API by the operating system. I don't have any online resource available now. But there are books on "andvanced linux programming" that cover sockets, and books specifically targeting "network programming". Perhaps you find a good resource there instead of trying to find some online tutorial.


There are a couple of online tutorials below is one: Also sometimes its helpful to read other peoples code: GNU C Library online: Hope some of those are helpful in your research.


Thank you very much, I did hear about the book and will start reading that book in upcoming week.


Thank you William.


There are many YouTube videos on sockets in c