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To be honest I don't get it. Lots of people, including myself, have their submissions pending for a month or so, and the SL guys still encourage users to file even more :) Rate and so be rated, people! Where's my Creator Master, yo! ;)

4/5/2017 3:51:03 PM

Kuba Siekierzyński

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Rate, people, rate ^^


@Everyone let's start a mission! Let us all complaint this to SoloLearn through email [email protected] Maybe Then they'll listen to us!


I submitted and moved on. Waiting for the notification that they have been taken or rejected.


Same thoughts man! Many of my submissions too are in Pending status from more than a month.


I had the same reaction when I saw it xD. It should has a system to often renew questions, archive them and maybe upvote/downvote questions at the same time. If a question is downvote a lot, it never back out from archive.


I observed same. Daily, I now rate as many as I can. Hopefully, my quizzes also get approved soon.


Exactly. Don't hesitate to downvote a badly written or misleading questions, too. Not to mention those which have the right answers wrong.


i am new in creating quiz i was so excited when i did but still it is in pending. my all excitement gone.. i think SL should take less time to finalized quiz..


@bayoishola20 i can understand ur point of view u want ur quiz should get approved but for that plz don't upvote easy,simple &repeated quiz's of others as i will be affected to us only while challenges..


Does anyone know how long it takes for a quiz to be accepted or declined? My submissions have been pending for a few weeks now.


@Andy. . u will have to wait for more than a month & even after a month someday u will received a notification that "your quiz got declined by community ".. hahahaha